Specification and standard of aluminum alloy cable tray

Date:2022/12/8 15:05:22

Aluminum alloy cable tray is more beautiful than other cable trays, with unique style, light weight and convenient installation. This kind of bridge also has the characteristics of anti-corrosion. So now many cable trays are made of aluminum alloy. Now there are many aluminum alloy bridges in the market, with different specifications and prices. So what are the specifications and what are the standards. Now let's understand.

There are two standards for aluminum alloy cable tray in the cable tray industry. One is the aluminum alloy cable tray for electric control and power distribution.

Width w allowable minimum plate thickness (mm) w≤150 1.2 150300500w>800 2.5

There is also a thickness and width standard of the latest aluminum alloy bridge. This is also the standard of bridge frame in this industry.

Bridge width b thickness of extruded profile side plate (mm) Bridge cover plate bottom plate width adjustment plate thickness (mm) b<100 1.2="" 0.8="" 100150400b="">800 3.0 1.5

Generally, aluminum alloy bridges in formal enterprises are made according to the above standards, so we can also refer to this standard when purchasing bridges.