Safety technical measures for stainless steel cable tray

Date:2022/12/8 15:32:37

1. The safety regulations of the company must be observed.

2. Do not throw objects upward or downward when working at heights.

3. Before using the bamboo ladder, check its fastness, and do not use the bamboo ladder suspension bridge frame.

4. After the scaffold is erected, it shall be accepted as required before it can be used.

5. Before using the lifting table, check and test the reliability and stability.

6. The cable for hoisting the bridge shall be firm, and no person shall stand or work under the hoisted object.

7. One cover plate shall be hoisted and fixed to prevent people and objects from falling.

8. It is not allowed to drill holes and embed expansion bolts on the shear wall at will.

9. For the bolts connecting and fixing the supports and hangers, pay attention to the matching of the tensile force and shear force that they can bear with the load of the bridge. It is forbidden to connect large size section steel with a single small bolt.

10. It shall not be used as a pedestrian passage or platform for standing.